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The history and use of iron

The value of iron never fades.

Iron has supported the lives of humans since ancient times. It is believed that the technology to use iron was developed as early as 2000 BC, however, this indispensable resource gained further prominence as the Bronze Age, which started around 1200 BC, gave way to the Iron Age around 500 BC. Iron is more durable and can be sharpened more precisely than bronze, thus its increased use for hunting and farming tools contributed greatly to rising productivity levels. When the invention of the steam engine in the 19th century triggered the Industrial Revolution in England, the use of iron expanded even more rapidly.

In the 20th century, many industries began to utilize steel materials for cars, aircraft, and buildings. In the 21st century, steel is still a vital resource in many fields, including buildings, bridges, roads, and vehicles. It is widely used for cooking utensils, machine parts, piping, and more, across a wide range of industries.

The durability, robustness, and reliability of iron mean it will continue to be highly valued in the future. The icing on the cake is that iron is a reusable resource. After playing an integral part in human development for so many years, the future of iron also looks bright.


A sustainable resource

High durability and recycling rate of steel.

Iron's strong durability and recycling rate
In recent years, the value of steel as a sustainable resource has been reevaluated, attracting attention from across the world.
-An abundant resource
Iron has the most stable nucleus of all the elements and is said to account for 30% of the total weight of the earth and be a material with low depletion risk.
-Durability and longevity
Steel is extremely tough and durable. It can withstand use for long periods of time, making it possible to create long-lasting products.
-Ease of recycling
Steel boasts a high recycling rate as its quality is hardly degraded when recycled.
According to some reports, the recycling rate of steel in the automotive sector is over 95%.

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Fascinating iron products

Bringing iron back into daily life

Iron has been used as a daily commodity throughout human history. In ancient times, iron was mostly used for making farming and hunting tools, yet after it was introduced to Japan, new unique uses and cultural differences emerged. Common iron tools made in Japan included traditional Japanese tea utensils, incense burners, stoves, and earthenware kettles. Today, frying pans and pots that take advantage of iron's high thermal conductivity are attracting attention throughout the country, but in general, iron's weight and rust gradually came to be considered a disadvantage, and iron use has become scant in modern daily life in Japan. Except for cooking utensils, many of the products that use iron today have their iron sections hidden from view, such as the underside of desks, covered chair legs, and steel frames, leaving consumers unaware of the incredible advantages of iron.

Iron has a distinctive robustness that is backed by its long history. It holds other useful properties that can be utilized in daily life, such as high electrical conductivity and magnetism. Furthermore, rust can now be prevented by plating or coating to improve corrosion resistance. The heavy weight of the material can give products an air of luxury, while its durability means that iron products are guaranteed to last for many years. 

FeVita creates and develops cutting-edge iron products through research on CMF and by combining it with other complementary materials, all while taking advantage of the positive characteristics of iron. As a leading lifestyle brand that strives to make iron once again "visible" and "appealing" in our daily lives, we pledge to continue to spread the word about this valuable resource. 

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Why FeVita

FeVita by Aisin Takaoka

Capitalizing on the know-how of Aisin Takaoka. 
Aisin Takaoka has a strong commitment to safety through our involvement with rigorously tested products such as automobiles. We have a long history of using cast iron in our products, and our cutting-edge technology and vast know-how relating to this material make us proud leaders in our field.

Over our decades in business, we have provided the incredible features and functions of cast iron to customers in the form of automotive parts. However, until now, we have not had many opportunities to directly communicate the appeal of cast iron to a wider audience. As a manufacturer that is well-versed in the advantages and benefits of cast iron, we launched FeVita out of a desire to share this appeal with the world.

For example, rust, which is considered to be a major drawback of iron, can be counteracted with the advanced technology we have cultivated, and factors like weight can be communicated as advantages by utilizing our knowledge accumulated over many years. It is precisely because we have been involved in the cast iron industry that we are able to create new possibilities by advancing research and development.

The knowledge and technology we have created have been channeled into our new lifestyle brand, making this a challenge that only Aisin Takaoka can take on. Through FeVita, we will continue to communicate the appeal of cast iron.

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The value that FeVita delivers

Newness and excitement

FeVita is a modern lifestyle brand that aims to rediscover the value of cast iron through exploring [the possibilities of iron] + [material research] + [design]. It also serves as a project to discover and communicate new interesting and surprising aspects of cast iron by proactively combining it with other materials.
FeVita began with the simple desire to present cast iron in a way that would aptly convey its unique characteristics and charm. Take our balancing vessel, SESEKI, for example. This design was created in order to showcase the heavy weight of iron in a positive light, using weight to balance the vessel and add movement and expression to what would otherwise be a regular container. Upon creation of our first test product, we were surprised to find the vessel to be more beautiful and stable than we had expected.
This story shows exactly how FeVita discovers new and exciting possibilities during idea generation and the process of product development. We hope to create more products that will convey our enthusiasm and excitement to customers.

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Our responsibility to create quality products

For a sustainable future

FeVita not only sells products but oversees the entire design, creation process, and product life, right up until disposal. 
We are committed to creating long-lasting products primarily by utilizing highly durable steel and devising appropriate corrosion-resistant treatments and material combinations.
We are working to promote the sustainable use of resources, including steel, by establishing maintenance and collection services. Lastly, we pledge never to compromise on manufacturing. We believe that our sincere approach to manufacturing is the only way to extend a product’s life cycle and ensure the highest quality, providing customers with peace of mind and satisfaction.
It is through these efforts that FeVita will continue building our brand to contribute to a more sustainable society.

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